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  • detractor_04 detractor_04 Apr 11, 2013 12:11 PM Flag

    Question for Disgusting Blob Alan

    Were you right when you claimed you would keep your weight to the levels achieved by your government-sponsored gimme-guy fatso surgery?

    Have you kept to that weight, or have you ballooned out again?

    Thanks for being on the record at all times.

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    • Sad to say but I've put most of the weight back. My experience is similar to at least 2/3 of those that have bariatric surgery; there are just huge drops of as much as 1/4 of a person's bodyweight the first six months or so. But to keep it off, the person has to continue eating much much less than before. If the person even has say 2/3 of the calorie intake that he had before the surgery, the weight slowly but inexorably come back.

      I can still take off lots of weight if I'm properly motivated; such as in 2006 when I wanted to get way down so I'd have a chance of getting to the top of the Great Wall of China. But even in such cases, once the short-term motivation is over with, back comes the weight.

      Yes - I know I just have to do something about the weight if I want to avoid having my life cut short but it is very very tough to stay away from the chocolate and the cheese. Beyond wanting to live longer for just myself though, I now have some added motivation in that I want to continue to stay alive and functioning for my growing number of options investors who wouldn't have anyone to give them the options advice that I can were I to kick the bucket.

      You may detest me but do give me full credit to be willing to be on the record at all times and to be honest about delicate matters when virtually anyone else would simply say #$%$.

      • 2 Replies to fizrwinnr11
      • Has Mark called you out on your slurs of his wife? On the disclosure of intimate details of his private finances?

        Do you know that such a breach of confidentiality would result in censure, fines and possible criminal fines were you actually licensed to act as a stockbroker or CFP?

        You're the most despicable human I have ever met. Everything you post on this message board tends to support that impression. When you die, you will not be mourned. And after the way you have spoken about family matters, I wouldn't be surprised if your sole remaining relative refuses to speak with you.

      • here's a msg that was posted by your pal "bubbles" a few days ago to someone else:

        You may be younger, but age means nothing when you get past your forties. Your weight is your bane. The junk food you eat on a daily basis will finish you off summarily as your devoted inactivity will provoke a heart attack.

        Your stature and dignity leave nothing to be desired. I would sooner be six feet tall than five foot three any day. Five foot three is extremely short when one's girth is seventy eight inches. Having the looks of a barrel is not what I call looking svelte. A man of your age should definitely know that a lack of nattiness invites all types of health issues down the road.

        other than the sarcastic part about "five foot three", don't you think bubbles' msg was one that was more appropriately sent to you. (a point he chose to ignore when i pointed it out to him).

        come on PINOCCHIO. respond to the strings i just pulled.

    • He's ballooned, of course. As everyone predicted.

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