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  • drstone3 Apr 14, 2013 6:38 AM Flag

    1 in 6 Americans under Obama's failed policies now living in Poverty.

    Obama calls it hope & change and I call it an utter failure.

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    • Maybe it's because we spent 2 trillion in Iraq to create an ally for Iran and to enrich the private contractors who looted the treasury..

    • This is nothing... Once "immigration reform" passes and the liberals know that they will soon have 18-25+ million new government-dependent, easily controlled, left-leaning votes that will nullify the votes of 18-25+ million real American citizens - predominately conservative and moderate middle class Americans - giving them complete control over Congress, the White House, and many more states than they have now.

      We are hurtling toward an "elected tyranny" of the Left over America.

      It is becoming clear that the gun control and immigration bills are nothing short of key pieces in a soft coup by the Leftists...

    • You are correct. The poverty rate is the highest since 1965 and 60 million americans are living on food stamps. On the other hand the top 1% made 93% of all the economic gains since 2009 and 80% of americans will have zero retirement savings and millions will go into poverty - The American Dream!! Wave the flag and get those chills!!!!!

    • The poverty rate is much higher since it is still pegged to the 22,000 per family living in Alabama. The poverty level adjusted in NJ would be 50,000. Remember 650,000 children in NJ live in poverty . The poverty rate adjusted would be closed to 1 in 4 live in poverty in the US. The US has the highest poverty rate since 1965. It will keep climbing !!!!!!

    • Accept that Romney was soundly defeated in November by a better oiled machine. a) Your affable President is currently working overtime to right the wrongs of the previous administration. b) Your country is starting to be seen as a friendly nation once again. c) Your people are starting to gain some respect around the world and that is due to none other than your excellent President.

      Quit slinging mud. It no longer works.

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