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  • fizrwinnr11 fizrwinnr11 Apr 16, 2013 12:49 AM Flag

    BIDU portfolio update

    03/25 - transfer in 300,000 from the Pfizer portfolio. BIDU stock is at $84.85, S & P 500 is 1,557

    03/25 - 302,740 - ($85.33) RSI 35.0
    04/02 - 323,085 - ($88.12) RSI 46.6
    04/05 - 293,125 - ($83.59) RSI 34.8, lowest stock close and valuation from inception
    04/12 - 337,805 - ($90.62) RSI 56.9, highest stock close and valuation from inception

    Up 12.6%. Portfolio gain to date
    Up 02.1%. S & P 500 from inception of investment (1,557 to 1,589)

    Note: This is one of the fastest-growing companies its size in the world. The recent earnings history and consensus expectations for this dominant Chinese search engine are as follows:

    $1.53 in 2010 (actual)
    $3.02 in 2011 (actual)
    $4.79 in 2012 (actual)
    $5.41 in 2013 (consensus)
    $6.78 in 2014 (consensus)
    $9.30 in 2015 (consensus)

    And yet even with this torrid growth, BIDU which is stll near not far from a 30-month closing low has only the same 13 PE relative to 2014 expectations that Pfizer has. This makes little sense to me even considering that BIDU earnings are slowing and that North Korean saber-rattling is depressing many Southeast Asian companies.

    This is about as compelling a buy as I've ever seen and in the fullness of time I expect to earn a small fortune here. BIDU by the way was a $166 number in mid-2011 when earnings were only $3.02 a share versus an expected $5.41 this year. Two years ago, the major competitor was formidable GOOG but onerous Chinese government restrictions are chasing that company out of China and the major competitor today is Qihoo 360 Technologies, a home-grown Chinese firm that is only 1/8 the size of BIDU.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Bidu about to head south and this time its going to tank. Good Seeking Alpha article that details the facts. I'm not a fan of Alpha, but the information is very ominous. I had considered buying into the fake rally, but too many ominous signs they are about to crash and burn.

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      • BIDU appears to have bottomed in the $83 area about a week-and-a-half ago and it has been outperforming the market on balance since then.

        This company is a value investor's dream as far as I'm concerned. It is one of the fastest-growing companies its size in the world but there is a one-year earnings slowdown to about 13% in 2013 since they are dramatically ramping up R & D this year to improve their mobile computing platform and to distance themselves from much-smaller rival Qihoo 360 Technologies (QIHU). Since when is R & D supposed to be punished?

        Other fabulous news for BIDU is that QIHU is now their main rival and NOT the behemoth GOOG. The latter company has announced that they are pulling completely out of China because the Chinese government has been it so tough on them to operate there.

        BIDU also has a very low debt-to-equity ratio.

        BIDU was a $166 number less than two years ago when earnings were destined to come in at $3.02 a share. But now it's just a $90 stock with 2013 earnings expected to be $5.41 and 2014 earnings projected at $6.68 on balance. For 2015, the consensus projection is $9.30.

        Almost never do you see a company with such torrid normal growth selling for less than the PE of a company that sells corn flakes or a 4% to 5% annual grower like Pfizer.

        I fully expect to make even MORE in profits from BIDU than I did in Pfizer and with Pfizer my 100-month involvement saw me walking away with a cool half-million dollars in profits. In the fullness of time, I have always had success in my franchise investments and BIDU figures to be the very best of them.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • with ALL the money you've lost over the tears and still not a MILLIONAIRE,i doubt that you could have afforded buying BIDU jerky boy.snap out of it,LMAO.
      oh! i forgot,you inherited your bro's money,LOLOLOL.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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