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  • blithering_idiot_daniels blithering_idiot_daniels Apr 25, 2013 4:40 PM Flag

    BIDU down 7% AH.

    Can Fatso call 'em, or what?

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    • Down by more than that in regular session.

      If still extant (can't call the pitiful, pathetic, miserable, meaningless existence of Janet's bilious BiL living), Fatso must be rolling options like crazy to avoid law suits from the heavy hitter.

    • sorry for the thumb down,a mistake,LOL.
      charty never OWNED bidu/apple or other,he's tied up with the pfe anchor.for once it's not a cinder block,can't blame cosa nostra all the time,LMAO.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Now down 8%. Blood bath tomorrow. Could make new low.

    • The Chartnuts Kiss of Death is still uncannily inerrant. BIDU is doomed to return to $83, given Alan's continuing deadly, blubbery, smelly embrace. The death grip always kills.

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      • BIDU reported earnings of 95 cents a share - up almost 12% from Q1-12 but 8 cents shy of the $1.03 consensus. The main reason for the miss was that despite the 40% revenue increase, R & D expenses soared by 83%. The company had announced three months ago that R & D would balloon this year as the company wants to spend more on mobile apps and to distance itself from its smaller competitor which is 1/8 its size.

        BIDU didn't quantify last quarter just how much R & D would balloon by; I hardly think that analysts were looking for an 83% increase. Had R & D remained the same as Q1-12, earnings per share would have come in at $1.09 - a very healthy 28% year-over-year increase.

        InQ1-13, the company also consolidated a recently-purchased online video company which is still losing money. Although currently unprofitable, this unit is expected to pay dividends down the road.

        But despite the HUGE R & D ramp-up and the consolidation of the video unit this year but not last year, earnings still rose by 12% year-over-year. Many many companies would love to be able to show such an earnings increase; much less in such an anomalous quarter. The stock is selling at the same multiple relative to expected 2014 earnings as 4% earnings grower Pfizer.

        Can anyone spell OPPORTUNITY? By the way, I am still up on my BIDU investment from my March 25, 2013 inception date. In the fullness of time, I expect to earn even more on BIDU than the half million dollars in profits that I walked away from with PFE..

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