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    So this is what our pipeline looks like. We've like I said, right now we have Abstral which is approved in the U.S. to be launched in Q4. We have NeuVax which is in a Special Protocol Assessment led trial and the Phase III trial in node-positive breast cancer and a combination study, I'll just go through those in kind.

    Our number one priority by country mile is NeuVax and getting NeuVax approved and the context for this is about 210,000 women a year in United States will have, will be newly diagnosed for breast cancer.

    Typically in the U.S. Kind of bread and butter patient will have a stage 2, stage 3 a surgically resectable mass, may go ahead and get that mass resected, get chemotherapy on an adjuvant basis and get radiation therapy. The HER2 3+ which is a specific molecular designation of over expressing this HER2 protein, they will get Herceptin every three weeks for a years time and that's adjuvant therapy. And that's where the 20% to 30% of the patients. But the other 70% to 80% of patients get send home to watch and wait and of course worry. And those are the -- that's the focus basically of our approach with NeuVax .

    So we've known of course clinically what drives recurrence rates. Once the patient becomes recurrent, in other words she gets no evidence of disease after her standard of care but then gets send home, what drives recurrence has been a critical issue because once the patient becomes recurrent or has metastasis, morphologically will be breast cancer in the liver, breast cancer in the bone, breast cancer in brain. You can treat the patient at that point but you can never cure. So that's obviously a big deal in the clinic and it's one that kind of drives a lot of thinking at our company and of course in the field generally.

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