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  • budfox4040 budfox4040 Jul 28, 2013 8:38 PM Flag

    Hey Alan -- here's a play for you!

    How about a SHORT SALE of Priceline. WAY WAY overvalued. Sure it may run up to $1,000 but in the event of any market downturn this thing slides to $400 before you can say "what happened".
    I shorted a few shares on Wednesday, covered on Friday and made a small gain. I will be shorting it again next week.

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    • I see you're just a prescient as ever, Buddy Boy!

      Way up to new 52 week high today for PCLN.

      You & Wrong Way Chartigan are a match made in hell.

    • I never short stocks no matter how overvalued they may seem to be. Did anyone think a few months ago that Tesla would ever see $130 a share? How about AMZN at $300 a share when they are actually losing money? Or for that matter, what about BBY near $30 when in February it was 412 and seemingly on the way to bankruptcy.

      I don't need to take any chances at all when I can sell naked puts the likes of the JCP Feb 8-strikes which will return over 2% a month if the stock just holds $9 a share (the 10-year low is $13.55, their properties were recently appraised at $18 per share and George Soros just bought 9% of tjhe company's shares at $16 apiece).

      I'll let others do the gambling while I prefer to invest in the nearly sure things.

      By the way, the last time you posted a message to me, you were wondering how I was doing on my GG 23-strike naked put out to Jan. 2015. With the stock now back to almost $29, do you still think that I'm in trouble on that one?

      As I told you then, I simply don't panic when a stock tanks irrationally. In the two uyears since I made my great options discovery, I haven't had a single underlying stock that has been a loser IN THE FULLNESS OF TIME. I don't earn 40% and 50% annually on my portfolios by having to take a lot of losses. I assure you that in the fullness of time I'll earn a very handsome annual return with GG.

      By the way, are you selling very deep-out-0of-the-money naked puts and doing it at TD Ameritrade? If not, may I ask why not? Haven't you been noticing the other-worldly results that I continue to achieve? What are you waiting for?

    • PCLN $1000+, loser!

    • hey bud---remember me avy and coolcat from last year---well they gave up but i was checking in and well interesting to see the few alias remaining---hi to you and pebs and i thing bubblyjoe is real too---and dumb alan still thinks we three are one---hi from pa--strasburg now--OH THE REPLY WAS MEANT TO SAY ALAN DOESNT DO WINNING PLAYS-- that i have seen

    • Shorted again at $940 even, covered at $948. Stock now at $984. Crazy. Will be shorting it again in near future. PCLN should be soon out of gas.

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