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  • only4calories only4calories Aug 9, 2013 6:43 PM Flag

    Hey Ruffturd

    What's up with your obsession of tracking other peoples trades?


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    • Nice to hear from you Calories. I'm happy that you equally see Ruffturd in the same light as I do.

      Ruffturd has much time on his hands and spends it like a lost soul. When the Guru is away he can't wait for his return. What a miserable life it must be for him to enclose himself in a small cubicle and pass the time away studying the depth of the seas of the world and then wind up analyzing what effects spirochetes have on the human body, namely his nose. Sticking one's nose in orifices that have been contaminated by other men can lead to having a proboscis that looks like a road map if not treated promptly.

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      • I should point out that Ruffturd is so accustomed to spending his day in his little reeky cubicle awaiting what the Guru has to say that it's now most difficult for him to get used to live a normal life. Now that his mentor has taken other interest, he can no doubt sense that change will occur. The Guru cannot spend his entire life keeping an eye on him. He has better things to do---like ensuring that his bundles of bankrolls find the right niche.

        It's presumably most unfair of me to criticize you at every opportunity I have as I know the rapport between you and your tutor has had a very long existence and thus now becomes hard to sever. However, the writing has been on the wall for some time. Things that you love or have loved dearly have come to an abrupt end.

        Ruffturd, it's now time to decide between continuing your education or realize your dream of being on the high seas.

        Good luck to you Ruffturd as you contemplate your future.

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