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Pfizer Inc. Message Board

  • johnparcg johnparcg Aug 13, 2013 9:05 AM Flag

    worst message board of any stock is this one, hands down

    either nobody cares about PFE at all, or Yahoo is deleting messages....

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    • Pfizer may be the world's most boring stock, that's why there aren't a lot of comments here about it.
      Pays a decent dividend, but there isn't much upside here. Pfizer will follow the market down if the market corrects.

    • The problem is one multi-alias jerk has caused those wishing to discuss PFE to ignore this message board because it is useless for that purpose.

      • 1 Reply to carolharold123
      • Thanks Harold. You are right this time around. I've been criticizing and bewailing Ruffturd about his profuse uses of monikers ever since I've been here. Why the copious number of appellations? It was only to rate his own messages and circumvent the Yahoo TOS before this new format came into being. As far as I know he's currently done with this mania. Hopefully he is maturing. We no longer see the profusive number of juvenile messages from him under the alias "Shameless jackass". I'm saying this with bated breath as the halfwit could very well continue with his craze any time he runs into a crisis.

        What puzzles me has been your silence about his antics and buffoonery. I know you've been here for quite some time, however, can one say that your use of the board has only been to climb the Guru's frame?

    • Not to worry John. The Guru is away right now attending some other important functions. As you no doubt have determined, he's the heart and soul of this board. Ruffturd wants us to believe that he's currently on the Ionian sea, measuring its depths à la Jacques Cousteau, but we all know where he spends his time.

      When the Guru is away, Ruffturd has no interest here other than to lurk as to what his mentor puts on the table. He displays great excitement and drama when his educator gets itchy for an extended visit to Vegas. He gets so animated that his wife has to lead him down the hill with a halter.

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