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  • davcbrand davcbrand Dec 5, 2013 7:28 PM Flag

    carolalan - you obviously didn't read all the articles or you would have noticed that yes indeed they did claim long distances

    carolalan123 - you obviously didn't read all the articles because within these articles they mentioned long distances ...we can bicker over semantics however my point has been proven and you have nothing that changes that ! It would be great if on occasion you brain dead liberals would show some sign of life ...I won't get my hopes up though...I know it would be asking too much!!! Let's see did Obama say you could keep your doctor welllll in those articles (that you didn't read) doctors indicate they will not treat any patients on the aca tell me how far will someone have to drive to be treated??? These authors can't say with certainty...just like Obama can't say you can keep your doctor ...the difference is OBAMA lied and you can't handle that !!!

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    • Carolalan123- I can tell you are a Obama supporter ...I don't fault you for that but when you have information from news sources etc....that identify all the faults ,lies and misleading information that was spewed by this president it's time to get angry at him not those that bring out the truth!!! Good luck to you!!!

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      • (1) You statement was that BECAUSE OF Obamacare, people would have to drive hundreds of miles to find a hospital. There is nothing in any of those articles than says Obamacare will cause people to have to drive hundreds of miles because they cannot find a hospital closer which takes "Obamacare." That is a lie you made-up.

        (2) Actually I voted for McCain in 2008 and didn't vote for either Romney or Obama in 2012, leaving that part blank, as I felt neither one was qualified.

        I am not an Obama supporter or fan, but am simply disgusted by all the lies and disgusting posts people are making about Obama... just as i was similarly disgusted by all the lies and disgusting posts people made about Bush when he was President. Bush was not a good President, but he didn't deserve all the ridicule and lies people posted about him, such as the fictitious slander supposedly comparing Presidential IQs. An Obama also does not deserve all the ridicule and lies people post about him.

        So when I see an obvious lie about Obama, such as yours, I jump all over it. Just as I did years ago when Democrats did similar lies about Bush.

        Got it?

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