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  • BretWin BretWin Jan 22, 1998 2:43 PM Flag

    GO PFE

    I think my minority view is being overwhelmed by the "irrational exuberance" among the faithful follower of PFE. Consider
    the 2 big new comers of 1998- Trovan, a quinolone antibiotics. I just heard both sides of the story from a drug rep and an
    infectious specialist. I am not ready to switch to it from Levoquin or even Cipro. One of the biggest market for quinolones is urinary
    tract infection, and Trovan is actually quite poor in this regard, as it is not excreted in the urine. The other drug, Viagra, is
    truly a wild card. Sure, everybody says it will be approved. But after reviewing the published studies, I was not overwhelmed with
    the findings. As a great company with tremendous marketing skills, I am sure PFE will succeed in selling these drugs. But for
    the small investor wanting to make a quick buck, these are not the prices where you want to buy PFE.

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    • subj viagra date Jan 23, 1998
      by eshaksi reply to Msg 132

      I'm a member of a service club with a lot of old men; they are eagerly awaiting the release of this drug..I still predict the rhinoceros will make a comeback from an endangered species.
      PFE will strike a bonanza; just wait and see.

    • Everytime the urologists come back from their meetings they are buying more PFE. Almost all have patients waiting for viagra rather than do any other therapy. Which is the point--there is no other real good alternative. Even if the low figure of 60 percent efficacy is correct, PFE will sell a boat load. And at 7 to 10 dollars a pill--who knows what the future holds.

    • The amount of money made in antibiotics fm urinary tract compared to respiratory tract infections is about the same as the
      amount of piss in the ocean-the real money is in respiratory tract infections--that is where trovan excells and will pummel the
      competition. IDs specialist are probably the worse source of information because they have become aids and exotic bugs specialists--the
      pulmonologist has a better handle on the copd and other respiratory tract infections. The primary care physicians write the majority of
      antibiotic prescriptions.

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