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  • madGSR madGSR Feb 5, 1998 12:47 PM Flag

    BUY NOW???

    to PFE shareholders,
    Is pfe expecting any new drugs this year?
    Is now a good time to get into PFE? (80 15/16)?
    Thanks for any feedback!

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    • Pfizer just got downgraded due to valuation. I got the information from a friend on the street and can't seem to find it on the net. The news should be correct though.

    • Pfizer is awaiting FDA approval of their male impotency drug. I believe the drug (the actual name of which escapes me) was
      orginally designed to reduce cardio-stress. While it didn't reduce stress, male patients had a noticed increase in sexual desire. Most
      notably, impotent men were able to have relations again, when without the drug they were unable. What's significant is that this drug
      is to be taken orally (unlike Vivex which is inserted into the urethra and has many side-effects like stinging and pain during
      urination, just to name a few). The drug, nicknamed the "Pfizerier" should be out by the fall. I wouldn't be selling Pfizer right now
      if I were you. 20 million men suffer from impotence and the market is 10 billion in sales. Hang in there for a while.

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      • The drug you referred to is Viagra. Poor choice, though. Should have been called "BONER".

      • You're referring to Viagra--the new drug which should be released by the fda fairly soon. As I have stated before this
        should be a bonanza to Pfe. This drug is about 60 to 65% effective in erectile dysfunction. No need to resort to rhinoceros horn.
        By the way the mail is full of mail order products with interesting names--has anyone heard of the following. To wit:
        caveril;vasoGenitine which induce the production of nitric acid as a mediator for penile erection; oral phentalomil. These products are without
        presciption. Are they as good as the advertisements claim? Need to know.

    • This is a good company. When is the best time to buy is a tough one. Research the 5yr pe avaerage, look at the growth projections, look at the financial date, etc., then make your decision. Information overload may not lead to the best decision but it cannot hurt you. The more informed you are the better the decision making process.

      Good luck

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      • Unless you're a trader, it's hard to figure out when it's been a bad time to buy PFE. Look at the maximum-term chart on
        Yahoo. It's about as good as they come. Anytime anyone has bought this stock over the past . . . I don't know . . .several decades,
        they've made money long term. You may be able to time a dip and save a couple of points -- not trival -- but in the long term, this
        is one to hold and grow with. Whether you get in now or next month won't matter in 10 years, when your base cost is


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