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  • vioxx vioxx Mar 23, 1998 1:35 PM Flag

    Pfe as an investment

    I' m thinking of buying into Pfe. What does Pfizer have in it's pipeline other than Viagra and the schizophrenic drug? Is it losing patent's on major drug's in the near future? Isn't the P/E ratio a high? Does Pfizer have a DRIP? If so, where do I call for this information.
    Serious reply's appreciated.Thanks in advance.

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    • Mr. Vioxx,

      I've got a really interesting cutout from a paper in San Fran (was there on biz last week) that shows the top 10 drugs, by mfg, sales in 1997 in $Mil, and Most Often prescribed. Very cool to see.

      It shows Pfizer has drug "Norvasc" with $915Mil in sales in 97, with 19.7Mil prescriptions per year.

      As for today, I had a fair chunk of PFE, awesome, sold on peak this morning, bought few hours later. Expect to hit 98-102 by end of week. Any other strategy players out there?

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      • Norvasc is old news. Let's talk about Trovan, Zithromax (IV), Zeldox, and Viagra. PFE will have 4 newly FDA approved drugs
        by summer '98. To get 4 products approved in one year is outstanding. Not to mention the co-marketing agreement with WLA
        (lipitor) and MTC (Celebra). I sold my shares of LLY and bought PFE due to the incredible outlook of the company. I am very pleased so
        far. I don't think there will too much downside to the stock. As for a certain strategy, I would buy as much as possible on dips
        in stock price.
        The hospital in which I work uses incredible amounts of Trovan and Zithromax. It appears PFE has cornered the Quinolone and Macrolide market with these 2 antibiotics.
        If Viagra comes out with weak sales (eq. Evista from LLY), the stock will have downward pressure, or another great buying oppurtunity.
        I am a little surprised CSCO hasn't moved in price as LU. It seems as though LU is Wall Streets new "darling". See you on the CSCO board.

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