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  • killerklowns killerklowns Mar 23, 1998 3:55 PM Flag

    an "insider"

    I guess you can say I'm an insider. I've worked for Pfizer for several years and have seen the good times and the bad. The truth is, Pfizer's future has never been more incredible.

    Regardless of how successful Viagra will be, Drs will have no choice but to prescribe it to patients. Males who suffer from impotence are willing to try anything, including shoving pellets up their dickhole. Viagra looks like it will be priced at around $10 per pill... and trust me, patients WILL pay for it, no questions asked (wouldn't you?) This truly will be a miltibillion dollar product. Unfortunately, there will be some "stiff" competition (no pun intended) in a couple of years.

    Physicians are all getting calls about this drug from patients. My uncle is a urologist in California, and he says he's got a list of 55 patients he's waiting to put on Viagra. (and that was before the 20-20 show!) Apparently, Newsweek mentioned Viagra last year.

    The market for erectile disfunction is HUGE. It's not widely treated now, however, because there hasn't been an oral therapy; only MUSE (the pellets) and the injections. When Viagra is launched, the market for ED will grow exponentially. No doubt Pfizer will also run direct-to-consumer advertisements highlighting new treatments for ED as well, further widening the market.

    Only question is, is all this exciting news already reflected in the price of the stock?

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    • How do you know. I haven't seen anything on the wires

    • clinical trial results announced. profit-taking has subsided. Expect huge spike to 11+ today. Ticker: orph

    • I am going to gloat a little bit, but for a write-up I did about two months ago, please see message 78 in the ICOS message
      bin (or just hit the button to look for other messages I have posted and then go to the one on erectile dysfunction). I am a
      practicing urologist, I bought PFE about a month ago as a Cash King (Fools know what I am talking about) and also because of the
      impending Viagra tidal wave. Patients ARE going to demand it, not only urologists will be prescribing it,primary care physicians will
      as well and if it doesn't work as advertised (and it will - I trained with Harin Padma-Nathan, who coordinated the US trials -
      he was at USC up until this year and then left to concentrate on the Male Clinic in St Monica - dude has a SWEET lifestyle - he
      says his patients were offering him bribes to keep them in the trials so they could stay on the medication.) I promise I will
      post a message early on so you all can think about getting out.

      Watch out for other companies coming out with similar drugs - like ICOS.

      Incidentally, Pfizer also came out with a fourth generation flurquinolone, which is a flame thrower of an antibiotic. Hopefully, it won't be overused, like Cipro, but it might be a little bit of a money maker for them. Called Trevan.


    • There will be a steady move up to the 120-130 $ over a period of two to three weeks,peaking at the time of the annoucement of the split.And then there you have it 3:1.This baby with 5 more new drugs in the pipeline is bound to split 2 or three times in the next 2-3 years.Happy ????

      Say Hi to your uncle for me,and tell him to prescribe this baby more and more, better ,have him buy couple thousand shares,then you will really see this baby do the double splits.Go to bed,Good night

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