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  • oozeven oozeven Jun 2, 1998 3:42 PM Flag

    Viagra Mania Sweeps the World (BBC)!!!!!

    One version of the next few lines are..
    When tomatoes are ripe and ready for plucking,girls out of high school are ready for------

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    • Some of you tell me to sell my Pfizer stock right
      away before it takes a dive. Others tell me to buy or
      hold it because it will go up. I just don't know what
      to do. Do I trust those who know it will go down or
      those that know it will go up.

      Please, please
      help me. I am so confused.

      I can hardly monitor
      the room anymore with all this confusion, with people
      dying from Viagra, people sticking catheters in their

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      • Heck, Viagra is an omen...this stock is going UP!

      • Trust your own research and weigh it against the
        amount of money you're comfortable investing. Messages
        posted on boards are only opinions. Some offer good
        suggestions, but there is nothing like doing your own research
        to make an informed decision.

        Go to the PFE
        site and read about the company.

        Good luck to

      • ... belongs on these message boards.

        taking advice from anyone on these boards, you could be
        dancing the cha-cha with the devil and not even know it.
        The "shorts" have their agendas, and the "longs" have
        theirs, and neither category of poster necessarily has
        YOUR best interests at heart. That's the nature of the
        beast, I'm afraid.

        Making investment decisions
        based on what's posted here, without conducting your
        own due diligence and research, is like asking a
        Vegas blackjack dealer whether you should hold or take
        another hit. If you get an answer, it will be laced with
        ulterior motives to be sure.

        And expecting to get
        intellegent, helpful responses from some of these, ahem,
        brain-challenged, walks-on-all-fours posters (hear that Riff Raff)
        is like asking a gerbil for instructions on how to
        build a new catalytic converter for your car: You might
        get an answer allright, but it's not gonna be one
        that makes any sense.

        >^-.-^< Ciao!

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