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  • axsjpinaz axsjpinaz Sep 22, 2011 10:44 AM Flag

    Deadline for Continuation Filing in Europe was 11/1/2010

    I thought Dr. Albitar terminated his consultancy to join the board. I was under the impression that was a good thing for HDVY?

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    • Axs

      You are correct. Dr. Albitar was hired with HDC as Chief Medical Officer. He is no longer holding that position. He is a member of the board.

      Is that good or bad for HDC? That's a matter of opinion. When Dr. A made the switch I believe he picked up 1.5 million options. I'm not positive about the 1.5 million. But, I think that was it. Dr. Fritsche is now the Chief Medical Officer.

      I was dissappointed with the move because Dr. A was brought aboard to work on four new tests. Dr. Fritsche is also a world renown cancer researcher and quite famous for his role in biomarker discovery.Could Dr. A still be working on the four tests that he was touted for as a board member, I guess that's possible.

      My major concern with HDC is the rate at which they burn through presidents. Tobin and Gallaghar did not last very long. It makes me wonder if Barnhill is a very difficult person to deal with. Bill Quirks unhappiness furthers my suspicion.

      I'm still convinced that HDC has a valuable IP. I will continue to hold and hope for better days ahead.

    • There is nothing stipulated as to any new agreement to develop those 4 technologies. Yes, he became a board member but the agreement about those technologies was clearly terminated. When you terminate the money you also terminate the responsibility as it clearly states. SB has a way of shifting priorities around. Anyone who has been here for at least 4-5 years understands this let alone some of us who ever here prior to HDC. Darn shame as we all keep on holding and waiting for good change that never seems to come!

      I'm truly sorry to say............

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