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  • tek_jansen500 tek_jansen500 Aug 27, 2008 8:26 PM Flag

    verenium was the soviets word for weapons

    WTF!? Don't you have anything better to do than post on this board all day? You tell us how the stock has gone waaay down. Well, no $hit Sherlock. And you tell us you think it's going to go down forever. Who gives a crap about your uninformative speculation?

    May I suggest that you find a new hobby?

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    • can you add some more good news? So far all the good news in the world and 80 million in investment and my records of 30 stocks going down when I show up although I used a different name don't matter squat. I don't mean squat this stock will go down without me, Pretend I am not here. I am trying to remember when webvan was going to expand and I felt so warm and fuzzy inside as the stock tanked anyway,then global crossing and what was that dsl stock that kept tanking on good news?