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  • partysover2000 partysover2000 Apr 21, 2010 7:36 PM Flag

    This is getting painful

    There are people who are buying and selling this stock constantly making money. They drive it up and down. If I didn't have a large chunck where I do, I'd be doing it too. However, I don't because my luck would be the day I sell, it would go up and never come back down to where I would get back in to make a profit. Good news will come at some point and the stock should go up nicely, hopefully.

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    • Luck? when you get out it will go up? Sister you are not done being milked. If you think thats luck , and I were you, I would have your money put under a caretaker.

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      • And I tried. From the time I first mentioned NFYIF here it has gone up 33% adding on another 1.13% today. MCQPF up 20%. Both paying out monster monthly dividends. Oh and that Global mutual fund whose structure I absolutely love to hate LCGTX up 1.5% since I mentioned it as the best overall performing fund in the GEX and other global fund category. It is so much easier singing the "Green Song" with Kermit and Bog Frog when your great ones are soaring and the ones you truly believe in are at least performing in line with the market if not providing as yet monster returns. Of course if you are committed to a loser with no current production increases to reduce your cash burn then it is even harder to sing and even more heart felt in your understanding that, It's not easy being Green....!!!

        New Flyer Industries kicking out monster record financials as of late as orders for Nat Gas powered vehicles back up. And with oil still at a 12:1 ratio in cost to nat gas per btu. And that leverage is going higher along with the Loonie leverage now passing through par. Mcquarie Power with $120MM in hand after closing costs and debt settlement in spinning off the old folks business to concentrate on expanding into more eco friendly power projects: wind farms, cogens, and hydro projects. Leuthold Global alternative energy. Well you get all the cherry picks in China and India etc. Stuff like gear box manufacturers in China for global suppliers of wind turbines. you gotta step up that low speed turning main rotor to a generator speed like 1200 RPms or some such divisions of 60 to produce the 60hz of AC power for transmission. Also leading edge battery technology from over there too. Occasionally I mention the VW with the empty gas tank VWDRY. VWDRY up from $16 to over $20 since the beginning of the PIIIGS crisis in the Euro. Go figure? You certainly can make money in Green that's for sure. "You betcha", she says with a wink!