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  • jcruwithme jcruwithme Nov 4, 2013 11:58 AM Flag

    VRNM, Illegal, fraudulant, and imoral

    This company has done so much wrong it is hard to keep track or know where to start. This was on the Nasdaq that has rules about these things. There needs to be a huge investigation. What happened to the massive naked shorts from the last 10 years? Did the company go around investing web sights and promote the fact that they were going to be able to turn rubbish to fuel using enzymes? I also saw a Discovery channel documentary on alternative energy that had this company on it and the scientists there said that they were extremely close to having this technology....hinting that they had it already in the bag. This was true or a huge conspiracy. We invested in that technology and all there other technology.
    This is extremely rich people ripping off extremely poor people. This company acted worse than the the worse penny stock but used the Nasdaq and most of the same methods. It was evil and they need to pay. We can't let this one go. I can't.
    Don't believe any of the posts that say...."oh well it is over" That is an attempt to influence people. This is a big deal. Please people, make a stand. It is not too late. Join the law-suits and write letters and seek for inside informants because someone always talks even if they were massively paid off or especially if they were paid off. These people need to go down.

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