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  • yah200i yah200i May 25, 2004 2:38 PM Flag

    Do I AZO ?

    I am new to this stock and have yet to open a position. I am inclined to buy because of the supposed 20% incr in earnings per share compared to the same Q last year.

    However, the debt/equity ratio seem to be high which may spook investors due to the inevitable interest rate hike..

    So do I AZO ?

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    • Well, AZO is a debtanator not a bank. So an interest rate hike along with inflation will make the debt disappear. Bank depositors have been getting the shaft the national deficit/debt ratio is about 6 percent which is what gdp and inflation will move towards.

      Due to the buybacks book value is probably dropping, since no money is going into assets or buying back debt.

    • yes if you want to buy an overpriced piece of crap stock that within a year or two will be cut in half from current levels.

      For the record ... I put a bear straddle trade on today.

      Bought 10 June 80 puts for $1.40 and 5 June 90 calls @ .90 .... I expect a negative forward guidance as my belief is that high gasoline prices will be cutting into same store sales this summer.

      The only thing keeping this stock up is the buyback, but AZO can only borrow so much. There current ratio is .90 (not great) and debt/equity ratio of 4.50 (not great) is only getting worse as the us funds to buy overvalued shares.

      Someone wanted out before earnings ... looks like someone knows something


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