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  • strawberrysigh strawberrysigh Jun 30, 2004 12:04 AM Flag

    Retail down 3%?

    Half the quarter gone and retail is down 3% already? And the chain down 1%? I really feel sorry for the store employees now.

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    • The stockholders have to pay for the decline. Employees bear no risk.

      Half the quarter gone and retail is down 3% already? And the chain down 1%? I really feel sorry for the store employees now.

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      • Well it was only a matter of time. The competition has done nothing but get stronger and stronger, while the oatmeal man CEO destroys AZO from the inside out. There was a time when no competitor wanted to be anywhere near an AZ store, but that was 5+ years ago. Now new leadership has "their own order" of priorities. #1 - the investor (EPS), #2 - the customer (and that is one hell of a distant #2), and #3 - the stores and staff (and #3 is located on the 6th level of hell). This has lead to numerous tenured people bailing out when they realized the light at the end of the tunnel was the Odland EPS freight train coming to rape what was left of your store morale and operational ability. WHERE ARE THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS!! HAVE YOU BEEN IN A STORE IN THE LAST 6 MONTHS (unannounced)? You can't service customers with 40% less payroll. You can't clean stores with 40% less payroll. You can't deliver parts with 40% less payroll. You can't operate auto parts stores and expect real auto parts customers to take you seriously if you keep bringing crap like scooters and silly string into stores that don't have time to sell starters and alternators properly. SNAP OUT OF IT!

        I left long long ago, but I am still a (frustrated) customer, still bleed autozone orange, and have lots of friends in west Texas who still work there. Someone needs to boot someone in the butt before they kill this once great company. And that someone is in a corner office on the 6th floor of 123 Front street.

    • I understand...Not only do we not have help or auto parts but you can't walk in the store for all the junk. A BIG LOTS looks better than most of the AutoZones.

    • O what are our options? Other than leaving like I?

    • I did not know that about Chief.

      I wish the CEO would stop the option plans (theft) and put the money they save on linux, to the employees salaries and increase the buybacks and cut debt. My as well start a program where if a employee makes a suggestion to help the company in the future, they can earn a bonus in the present.

      I love to shop at AZO, the employee came out of the store and looked my engine over for free, gave suggestions for replacement parts, and never once pressed for a sale.

      But, as for your so called "dedication" to the firm. Stop dreaming, employees, stockholders, and the management are in it for themselves. And AZO, most likely treats their employees better than Kragen, or ORLY.

      The hairdresser part is that people like to buy from stores that appear "hip".

    • What makes you think Microsoft would be any better. The quality is in Linux OS. The most likely frivilous lawsuit does not need to be defended since IBM is doing that. From Trak, to
      AZO, to ORLY to this other one, I like AZO the best.

    • Last night's phone call to cut even more hours was enough to make me say "uncle". This is just too much no matter how hard I try to think positive. We are down to 2 people all the time now on the counter and we can't take care of commercial properly if I have to cut the pt driver's hours out. My paycheck use to say "a satisfied customer made this possible". We'll keep trying but even as good as I am :-) I don't know that we can continue to keep them satisfied!

    • Welcome to the dark-heart society

    • today i thru my hands in the and and did say i give up... I was told not matter what to cut 10hrs.. As mgrs we have been told by thurs its to late to cut hrs because its late in the week and the buiest part of the week is upon us.. I said that to the DM and i asked him so why now is it different.. I have a friday truck delivery i have about 5 skids of truck left from the last two weeks.. Product thats not out to sell.. He said sales are down.. I said im down 1,300.00 for the week i just also told you i lost just today 1700.00 in sales due to vdp not sending the parts on time.. Vdp out of stock.. If the parts were avaible then id be ahead.. Im already short 96 hrs for the week..He said you will cut 10 more hrs.. I went back to the vdp issue and i said until we fix this sale will continue to fall.. We are making the decisions for the customer let the customer make the decision on if the price is right.. We dont even give them the chance.. Im still not cutting i have tons of planograms to do truck and i have to make room for the travel bags coming in and the silly string... odd isnt it...

    • Did ya get the word.. We are cutting hours again this week.. Lets get the word out at late in the day so we can cut for thurs and fri and sat.. Im a little worried.. Did ya all get the luggage bags..

    • It is normal for all of us to complain about this every year but not do anything about it. In MI our little punk DM pulls this type of behavior all the time he did it as a trainer also.

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