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  • gadzillionman gadzillionman Sep 20, 2004 8:01 PM Flag

    no brake lathes?

    does someone know why most az stores are not turning drums& rotors? seems like alot of buisness they are losing !!!

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    • Actially y'all, a good brake machinist kin makes lotsa money fer AutoZone. A good'n kin tell jist by lookin at a rotor it bad and jist sell one of them shiny new Chinese rotor at twice a profit. Er he kin jist pretend t' micro it 'n jist say its bad to drive up 'at ticket! 'Sides, no one ain't got no adapters t' cut composites, 4 wheel drives, er anything over 3/4 ton which is half the market we's been turnin' away anyhows!

    • well its like this. the company doesnt want to buy or lease a good lathe but most of all they dont want to pay someone 7.00 an hour to turn the rotor nor do they want to train someone with caracter or someone with scruples to resurface a rotor not to mention some nut bringing in a rotor that is below the specification thickness and demanding to have it resurfaced. and a brake drum is another story, every person that brings one in thinks that it can be resurface but while doing that you will be increasing the inside diameter or the drum which makes the shoe not fit correctly. I am not taking up for AZ, I did work there and I needed a transfer and they offered me a 30% paycut so I left.

    • Actually as much as we got to turn the rotors, it cost more to pay someone to turn them. Plus Everyone wanted them turned when we were really busy. And I dont mean come back in a couple hours, they wanted them done now! "Screw all the other customers turn my brakes!" was the common theme. Or was that just here in Nashville?

      I say thank god they are gone. Good riddance!!!

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