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  • waytobe01 waytobe01 Oct 4, 2004 6:33 PM Flag

    Life as a Zoner

    Just remember that Autozone is a at will company.. They can release at any time.. Trust me i know.. Call it what it is.. We all makes choices and then from there we must decide whats more important to us.. And to keep in mind that family should be #1 but for some companys they want you to make them #1.. We i hope to see the day that changes..

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    • Autozone provides all employees with a paycheck. That is their primary responsibility. In response you are suppose to be on your feet all day and go home quietly. Crybabies are poor employees. You will always find employees that expect options, benefits, chairs so they sit while they do the job, a place where they can use their cell phones, family counselling, ...

      The truth is stock options are not needed. Most of the revenues of a store go to employee wages as fixed costs. Every employee as a matter of choice use 10 percent of their income to buy AZO stock. Do they do that? No they either blow it on toys or on a #3 at McDonalds, then complain AZO is not giving them enough.

    • 'At's right wayto...we is a at-will company. 'At means we kin hire 'n fire at will. Here in the ivory tower in memphis we do jist as we please, an' today we jist hired a new VEEP here! 'At's right, another layer o' management 'twixt you and me, er SteveO. An' at will means we kin fire y'all at anytime without cause without notice. By the same token, y'all kin quit without cause, without notice. Et also means we do not recognize unions, employee groups, races, sexes, y'all jist laborers t' us! An' we do believe families come first, 'cept OUR families comes first not yers! So either git in the 'zone or git on home!

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