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  • excelbuys1 excelbuys1 Jul 30, 2009 2:49 PM Flag

    Stock Split?

    Would they or wouldn't they? And why?

    If they don't do a stock split, eventhough AZO is cheaper compared to it's peers, the stock will not move much higher. I am concerned that they would do a stock split to around the same price of its peers!

    Any insights Buy Alot?

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    • A stock split doesn't change anything except have more shares at cheaper prices. With AZO it could accelerate selling,not buying. I double they'll split it though.

      IMHO, AZO will go down from 157.5+ for the rest of the day, or at least for the next 45 minutes.

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      • I got my last hour prediction backwards. When it didn't go down, I held on to my extra shares shorted, hoping I didn't have to carry more than I like to overnight. Fortunately the market accommodated me at the end. The meaning if this is that the entire market's pattern was to go down at the very end of the day, which is the opposite of what we've been seeing lately. The bounces at the end of the day have been described as institutional buying. So was today institutional selling? Any comments?

    • I personally feel this stock is in a topping formation and will eventually tank. HOWEVER, if it were to split, that does change the complexion of things... because the majority of stocks tend to rise after stock splits, even though there is no real change other than the split. The theory being, the split allows more investors to participate. Demand then increases and prices rise.

      Of course, that's no guarantee by any means. But a split would definitely be a pivotal point in this stock's progress... one way or the other.

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