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  • siriusmaestro siriusmaestro Oct 5, 2009 4:56 PM Flag

    Down almost a buck when the indicies are GREEN?

    crash here imminent, the weaker dollar is supposed to be a boon to companies/stocks like AZO...broken chart, broken stock, watch as more short-sellers jump on board below $144 support.

    Soon the dollar will get so weak that the mkts fall in sympathy, and then we can go retest that devilish looking 666 on the S&P.

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    • P.S. We trade different accounts. He doesn't trade as much as I do and he doesn't short. Any messages on AZO, AMZN, retail stocks, etc. boards are mine. He only posts (and rarely) the results of fundamental analysis. I trade the joint account and an individual account. Any posts you've seen of mine are almost certainly mine.

    • Autozone is being traded as a recionary safe haven stock... so when the market goes down Autozone does better than the rest of the market and vice versa. And when the dollar gets stronger the market will go down not up as you are saying the oppisite... look at the dollar perfomance during the market rally we have had... it is has gotten weaker. As for AZO this thing is most likely a piece of junk as it is only timing as to when it crashes. No competitive advantage over O'reilly, PEP boys etc. Being held up by institutional investors i beleive as they are parking money here. If the market rallies i think AZO gets crushed and if we come off hard i bet it hangs in around the 140-150 level.

    • I'm glad you're not drinking the "Kool-Ade" as the folks on Fast Money are!

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