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  • observer_62 observer_62 Feb 19, 2006 7:57 PM Flag

    Newsletter recommendatioin

    There is a Newletter out there called "Diligence" It is part of the Stansbury/Investment U/Oxford stable of newsletters.For $5000 annually ($1300 quarterly) they will give you their two secret recommendations on RNA Interference. We can guess what they are but does anyone know anything about them? They talk about one of the companies having the Triad patents from the Max Planc Laboratories in Germany...and the other having the "Chameleon" patent which was the work of Craig Mello and Andrew Fire relative to the Jorgensen effect.

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    • Thanks for yr reply.
      Kind greetings from Luxembourg.
      Just 1 thing? What does "rigg" stand for?
      If abbrev. not familiar with it yet.

    • rigg,
      yes, they both are.

      best wishes

    • rigg,

      but don't forget his biggie....AGEN.
      If AGEN hits he could be elected president.
      Say what you want, this guy's good.
      best wishes

    • never got confirmation but isn't XNPT and AU.L
      on the list too?

    • Around what time frame did Lashmet start touting
      MVIS? Is he in love with MVIS as much as RNA interference technology? I maybe wrong and don't have much invested in CRAY, but I think he likes that one too. But he is gaga over ALNY and RNAI.

    • David Lashmet's recos are usually winners. IDBE, AGEN, etc. He gets in early so be prepared to hold on.
      ALNY AND RNAI are in his portfolio, I've had some big moves in both.
      He's really hot and heavy on MVIS also.

      Best Wishes

    • That was a good move. I like Stansberry Research and Lashmet's services. He picks low priced stocks that with any good news will likely double
      or more. To play it safe, start taking profits when you a figure out a stock at whatever level you are comfortable with. I think 10-20 % and maybe let the rest ride to its full potential.
      With or without Dave I am glad I stumbled upon
      ALNY. I think it will be a huge winner in 2006

    • About six months ago i figured out they were recommending Decode Genetics DCGN at about 7.50. So I go in, hung around for a couple of months and sold at about 8.50. Now three months after I sold it has moved up to about 9.50. It just moved up to that level after they made a presentation.

    • No, I don't know Lashmet's record. But using the heck out of Google Searches, I figure if Porter Stansberry and his crew e-mail the heck out of me , then I might as well monitor their picks. I have been able to decipher about 5 picks in the past 2 months and will follow them for while, If he does have a knack for finding great investment
      like ALNY, and I end up making a significant amount with his picks then instead of guessing his picks I might just subscribe. But for now, like all old longs and new, I want ALNY to become what they are destined to be.

    • Received the same invitation to subscribe to "Diligence". They give so much info that after 5' I ended up at the ALNY message board.
      Never heard about them before.
      Just one entry "RNA interference +patents".
      Wouldn't put too much importance on "TRIAD" or "CHAMELEON". Google would have told you immediately and that would not be good for Dave Lashmet's business. I feel sorry for him.
      He should hire me before sending out another invitation.
      Wasn't last month's recommendation Xenoport?
      Don't know for sure yet. But again Google brought me there.
      And the month before the "new internet" company? I believe it is an English company.
      I am not going to give away Diligence's business though. Seriously thinking of putting my money in this one. You should see the chart! 200p in MAR05 410p today. Climbing nicely without major corrections.
      Wish I could put a "Strong Buy" recommendation on ALNY but I am not even sure I am on the right message board. Just a guess.

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