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  • pfizerbull pfizerbull Sep 4, 2009 2:58 AM Flag

    ALNY overview

    JM (the CEO) apparently pumps and never delivers.


    Potential 1B deal with Roche (300M odd up front)
    Potential 1B deal with Takeda (similarly millions up front)

    Due Diligence will show ALNY has done many more such deals, raking in millions each year.

    At least one further mega deal is expected to be completed shortly.

    The pipeline is also starting to move.


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    • Hey Pfizerbull (PB)! . . . why not put your LOOSE LIPS to some good use . . . and give us an EXPLANATION for the following QUESTIONS posed by Potted!

      1) According to Potted . . . the latest UMass/Whitehead challenge to Alnylam's IP shows that the ALNY IP is like a LEAKY DIKE! . . . how do the latest challenges show otherwise??? . . . and Potted has called these latest legal patent challenges just the "Tip of the Iceberg!" . . . with many more to come! . . . ( And Nosy agrees! ) . . . How can you assure this Board that Potted is WRONG? . . . that is . . . WITHOUT personal attacks on Potted.

      2) PB . . . in some of your posts . . . you have indicate that Alnylam researches have found scientific "work-arounds" to TLR7 and TLR4 effects (Toll-like Receptor effects . . . e.g. immuno-stimulatory effects) in pre-clinical studies, but NONE of these work-arounds have been validated in HUMAN clinical trials. . . How can you assure this Board that Alnylam's TLR problems with RNAi are “in the past” . . . especially when Dr. Ambati (University of Kentucky) has recently claimed that medical science has yet to characterize and identify ALL possible TLR effects in the human body. . . and Alnylam claims to have “answers” for only a few specific TLR effects. . . Doesn’t Dr. Ambati’s claim now pose serious problems for Alnylam going forward? . . . especially for new RNAi drug candidates that are delivered systemically in the human body over an extended period of time?

      3) PB. . . how can you be so flippant to suggest that Alnylam has ALL the answers to uncontrolled & variable TLR effects induced by RNAi . . . when Alnylam’s current drug candidate for RSV likely uses the “TLR-Helping Hand” to achieve the desired clinical effects! . . . (claimed by Potted . . . and the famed Dr. Rossi!) . . . Why does Alnylam claim otherwise ( i.e. NO RNAi-induced TLR effects ) . . . but then . . . Alnylam is purported to be interested in “Harnessing” RNAi-induced TLR effects? . . . PB . . . PLEASE EXPLAIN! . . . you really can’t have it BOTH WAYS!

      PB . . . that’s all for now . . . Potted really doesn’t want to TAX your brain too much! . . . but just remember . . .

      Go to the Head-of-the-Class with ISIS!

    • and the deal with Novartis was a what 20% ownership stock deal.

      all these deals you are talking about from a technology standpoint are nothing more than place holder deals. lets get down to basics how much money has been paid thus far for pure technology access?

      so what has JM really deliverd??? sold 20% of the company, sold off a division in the EU, what? what? what?

    • Sir

      i would like to make one correction.
      i own alny.the money they received from
      roche was in actuality the price roche
      paid for the alny european labs and scientists, a location that has now become
      headquarters for all of roche's rna research. While alny and roche are close
      the money was not really received for the ip or anything other than assets.


    • but if ssRNAi for what its worth becomes the silver bullet for RNAi drug delivery! ALNY and JM have given the golden goose away.

    • Who let you out of the bathroom today????pfizerBS your like a good comic book we all know your just going to pump the stock endlessly and we all know the ending, its a $7 stock.

      Its still a lotto ticket and a very expensive one at that. Patent estate under attack and no resolution of drug delivery issues. Pipeline moving along, what happen to the !ST I mean 1ST generation platform pipeline and what gives you confidance that the second Gen will be anymore robust?????????...............LOL

      This stock has been DEAD $$$$ for over 32 months and counting. I don't see and big platform deal untill IP issues get resolved. Most likely those deals will involve Regulus as JM counts them as slylylam deals, I meam alaylam, no alnylam, got confused about its real name. Management is sly and fxcking its shareholders.

      let see they have what?? about $10 of cash per share!! That what its worth if they fail in their IP dispute with Whitehead/Harvard U.

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