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  • boxcarlong boxcarlong Sep 11, 2009 9:48 AM Flag

    IV Idiots in full Panic mode

    There all posting on yahoo pumping this $7 stock. The IV idiot dream team has arrived.

    The good thing for them is I can teach them how to trade and make money via my 17 years of biotech sector investing and trading.

    pfizerBS came out of the bathroom, his retirement home to pump good old alaylam. How did JM raise all that cash again!

    sold off 20% of Alnylam

    Sold off its EU division

    Of that $640M how much was for acess to IP and the platform? I call these type of deals place holder deals...............LOL

    The #2 pumper inoseit200 is pumping?? what?? he has no idea............LOL

    foolcell is a live an about talking trash

    tencentcoffee try'n so hard with glass half empty facts to defend a $7 stock......LOL

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    • looky looky the IV idiots are out in full force. all of them as clueless as ever LMFAO on a Friday night as a read their BS......LOL...LOL

      Hey potted you notice that they don't have a fxcking clue on how to defend Alaylam from the SSRNAi deal with ISIS..............LOL

      What has JM done for them??? Hey he could make me some $$$$$ on my DEC $30 Call options as I have no current short position. Lets get that big platform deal done JM so I can short the crap out of this gem close to $30 and see it drop and break like a fine Timex watch.........LOL

    • Boxcar tell us how smart you are one more time and how much experince you have. Your fixation with a 7.00 target is foolish. Thats roughly half of cash and puts a total value of less than 300m.The enterprise value would be a little higher than zero. Of course Roche paid more than that for non-exclusive access and I am sure you are aware Novartis just re-upped subscribing to the maximum number of shares per agreement. Pprepare to be rolled up just like you were in OXGI. Same supreme confidence with no facts and you are about to recieve the same supreme results. You and Plant get a room and wilt together. "Great minds" apparently do think a like.

      • 2 Replies to inoseit200
      • Sorry thats OGXI

      • Nosy . . . Potted and FlowerBasket are reading over (for the second time now) . . . the EXHAUSTIVE REVIEW on RNAi Drug Delivery Technologies! . . . . . . wow! . . . Wow! . . . WOW! . . . this review paper in CHEMICAL & ENGINEERING NEWS CONFIRMS what Potted has been saying all along . . . that RNAi DELIVERY is still in the early EXPLORATORY STAGES! . . . and that Alnylam is just NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME! . . . NOW . . . OR EVEN A DECADE FROM NOW!

        Nosy . . . you know that this one paper alone provides Potted with enough good "MATERIAL" for CLOBBERING posts on Alnylam for the rest of the year! - - what a GIFT! ( Potted can now stop Googling "Alnylam Problems" for the time being ) . . . there is just so much there! . . . and the review is surely DEVASTATING NEWS for those that think effective drug delivery for RNAi is "just around the corner! - - NOT" . . . Potted says at least 10 years! . . . but Basket, with his chemistry background . . . says at least 15 to 20 YEARS!

        Potted would encourage ALL ISIS and Alnylam investors . . . even if one does NOT have a scientific background . . . to READ this review article SLOWLY . . . and then ask yourself . . . should YOU be invested in Alnylam NOW? . . . especially with the LONG HARD SLOG AHEAD for Alnylam! . . . and KNOWING that ISIS HAS EFFECTIVE RNA DRUG DELIVERY NOW! . . . with 2nd Generation Antisense Technology - - NOW!

        Go to the Head-of-the-Class with ISIS!

    • cbdanielson Sep 11, 2009 10:36 AM Flag

      Careful Boxcarshort, don't let that sharp axe slip and cut your leg.

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