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  • nellgwyn nellgwyn Aug 10, 2000 9:30 AM Flag

    liability insurance

    rida. Since
    the price has dropped, I've thought about buying in
    again. But the insurance issue is still there, as far as
    I know. You can't operate without insurance. Or for
    that matter, you can't operate without insurance that
    is decently priced. So what happens? I'm sure in the
    long run the issue will be resolved since even the
    lawyers will have to give way when nursing homes start to
    actually shut down with all the political fallout that
    would entail. But will the first one to shut down be
    NHI? Will NHI have to take one for the industry? What
    does the board think about this issue?

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    • Yahoo ate my first reply on the "cloud." Mostly I
      agree with Illinois Investor. My points are that the
      market HATES uncertainty with a passion and then feeds
      on itself. IMNSHO, that's the main driver of the
      current downward price movement.

      As for liability
      insurance ... and non-profits ... my point is they/we are
      going to take a bath in FL, but still come out with a
      lot of salvaged equity. Lost equity, yes. Lost
      income, yes. Total wipe out ... no ... the FL govt won't
      have these people kicked on the street or EVERYONE
      scared to do business in FL.

      Distributable income
      and NAV are, I think, going to go down, and dividends
      follow, but no no NO where enough to justify the present
      low prices.

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