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  • horneyranch horneyranch Nov 30, 2000 1:13 AM Flag

    looking over adams' purchases of this

    stock i am beginning to wonder if this guy is
    losing it; he has lost well into the7 figures but just
    keeps on buying; like a loser at the blackjack table he
    just keeps increasing his bets; anyone have any dope
    on this guy??? is he really a flake, nuts, a genius,
    or what the hell

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    • I speculate Andy really beleives in this company.
      What he can't control is the credit crunch happening
      right now. Just look at the banking problems in Japan
      and beginning in other asian nations. I beleive the
      Bank of Tokyo has so many non-performing loans, they
      need to be very strick esp. with "foreign" stocks.
      They are tightening up at home causing major
      bankruptcies in Japan. How could they be lenient with NHI? Why
      can't NHI go to another bank? My question is why is
      management always appearing to "cover up" and confuse the
      shareholders? What else are they hiding? Why were their
      "estimates" about the dividend prospects so far off? How long
      should we give them the benefit of the doubt before we
      stop beleiving what they say? Why aren't other
      executives seeing this stock as a "bargain". I beleive Andy
      is throwing everything he has into this stock to try
      and save a sinking ship. If the stock drops below 5
      it is no longer marginable. I wonder how much he
      bought on margin? Lack of accurate information
      forthcoming from management caused me to dump my shares for a
      tax loss in October. I'm beginning to think maybe I
      won't jump back in.

      The uncertainty caused by
      managements not "coming clean" about all the problems plus
      tax loss selling should keep this stock down for the
      balance of this year.

      These are just my rambling
      speculative thoughts but I hope they bring up some issues the
      rest of you are wondering about also.


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