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  • donker3 donker3 Apr 8, 2011 10:13 AM Flag

    If this would tank to about .15...................

    I wonder what the price of those warrants would be? I've been kinda watching them and a person could have made some money if he/she would have bought at key times.

    Those things might be the play here as they move up even as the price sometimes trends down.

    Something to think about-any ideas?

    The Donker

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    • Geezer,

      Maybe to rephrase your question:

      When a stock is at it's all time low who NORMALLY BUYS?????????????

      I am trying to piecemeal a bit here myself.

      Don't forget about the possibility on the warrants. Sno implied possible good percentage plays but it won't amount to much (mind you we're posting on .18 stock board LOL, LOL). I'll settle for the good percentage plays.

      Hope you make some good money here.................

      The Donker

    • No matter whether it is LPC selling, or shorts overseas on that other market, it would be helpful to know:

      (can't believe it is any of us)

    • Sno,

      As a passing thought, blaming the selling on LPC is a 'bit of a stretch' (jumping to a conclusion that very well might not be a fact) as this stock churned like this (or even worse) before anyone ever even heard of LPC.

      This stock has churned (a little friendly short selling on the 'other exchange' it's listed on) itself into the basement-so nothing's new here. A person could probably use their time better by watching this stock's movement with a close eye.

      Jumping to conclusions could befuddle your concentration, which of course is needed trading this thing.

      The Donker

    • IMO, Lincoln still selling. Theres a 5,000 print at thats them. And a 7800 print earlier. You can see they sell 5k, 10k, sometimes 15k. But 5k and 10k round lots seem to be them. As long as they are still out there puking.......why bother.... I think they have more to sell.

    • Sno,

      Have no doubt you do good in your other investments.

      By wishing you good luck here-I'm wishing myself good luck also I suppose.

      Either way,

      Have a good weekend,
      The Donker

    • Warrants are only a buy if you believe two things:

      1. That RGN can show results of the eye trial by end of this year.
      2. You think the results will be a win.

      I guess they have, what, a three year life? If you believe that the above two things could happen, I guess you could leave a GTC bid at 4 or 5 cents and see what happpens. I wouldn't chase them. If things ever go well? I guess you's get a good "percentage" ROI. But how much in actual dollars?

      RGN still has no money....I don't think the EB trial is going well....the heart trial is delayed who knows how long...the MS trial isn't slated now till early 2012 (??)..and I expect that by 3rd or 4th qarter, RGN will do another round of "puke down" financing with Lincoln Park. But Lincoln Park seems absent today on the large puke down..well, so far anyways.

      I still say the best thing that could hapoen in the short run is if after the quarterly and year end SEC filing stuff is announced....that at that point the insider "buy" window is open for a couple weeks..and that many of the mgmt, BOD and Cavazzas buy stock in the OPEN MARKET at these levels. THAT would be sign that they believe... and put some skin in the game. Otherwise? the signal has to be all they care about is sucking us dry....with their overpaid salaries bi weekly.... till RGN goes bust.

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