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  • my feeling is Lincoln Park is selling ALL the 1.8 million stock they bought at .27..and selling all the just under 1 million FREE shares. About 2.6 million has traded since they were declared "effective" to sell on Feb 11. They own 2.8 million. That leaves 200k...but I give some leeway that all volume since feb 11 was not I add in maybe 200 or 300k more. Which means I guess they still have bewteen 400,000 and 500,000 to sell.

    I would help if we saw a couple large blocks go down. I could afford EASILY to buy 100,000 at 17 cents. That is only $17,000. It's really nothing. What holds me back is WHY should I buy a single share more, even if $17,000 would buy me 100,000 shares...if Finklestein and Goldstein DO NOT BELIEVE at these prices too? I still maintain the single best thing, in the short run....outside of eye trial results.....would be if Finklestein and Goldsein bought hundreds of thousands of open market shares...EACH. I want to see << them >> putting down $35,000 - $50,000 of THEIR own money...that is a sign they believe.

    if they don't? Then it is a clear sign to me that RGN is all but toast... and all the Greedy Steins' are after is OUR CASH.....

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    • Maybe, but your logic doesnt take into account what the Italians might do. I still cant believe they are going to let this thing die, with the investment they have made over the years. Without their holdings, I would have been gone long ago. It is getting close to crunch time.

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      • Sno,

        I gotta side with Bocamp (somewhat of a rare thing).

        I still have a hard time thinking that LPC would throw their hat in the ring just for a bunch of worthless warrants which is what your infering if the ship is sinking or not going above .38 (is that the redemption????). Nobody's handles that amount of money and is that stupid with all the potential buys out there. They must see a little potential in the 'shadows'.

        Don't let your nerves get you down.

        It'll move up or implode - that's all there is to it.

        Kind of like one of those old WWII submarine movies where they sit around nervously sweating while the hull creaks and groans as they crept along the bottom, way beneath their maximum dive depth. The depth charges going off relentlessly overhead (vs. our unlimited short sellers) and you seriously wonder if your ever going to see the light of day again.

        Doesn't get any better than this,
        The Donker

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