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  • snogreen snogreen Apr 20, 2011 4:56 PM Flag

    Finl CC been around a while. I have always posted that this is a gamble, and I have always said I am in for all or none..

    It is not a huge part of what I own in total. I do fine in lots of other things...namely oils..and I have posted that for years here too.

    I post so often becaue so MANY things read SO well on PubMed. I see tons of other tiny bios that have no drug as possibly/potentially interesting. They have managers who ar able to get the story out. GET investprs..GET a larger market cap..which all BEGETS money to DO trials.

    everything mgmt here has done has been wrong. I DID sell a good bunch of RGN tho'...that was after they released the pressure ulcer results. I posted I sold some 1-1.15 range. In hindsight that was time to sell all really. But I guess I was too intrigued. It reall sucjked that the mgmt doed mostly Stage 4 ulcers. We only found that AFTER the fact. anorher screw job by finklstin.

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    • calling sno a retard is a compliment I'm afraid...he posts under more aliases than a few...he argues both sides of issues and disagrees with people who agree with him...he claims to have sold all his scln years ago and at a loss and still haunts that board daily...after being dubbed a contrarian indicator he posted that he had bought into oil stocks and rode them up...only to botch that tale saying he sold at $110/ barrel and then as oil continued to climb he reposted he made an error in selling early and was back in with both feet between $130 and $140/barrel...he rode it back down and every chance he gets Miachaz would be happy to remind seems even tc has given up on his battle with basically my point here is to not waste your time with him...lies and fabrication you want read his post otherwise put him on ignore...even his comedy value is gone...I have given him some good advice over the years but he didn't take any and now before I put him back on ignore I will give him some more...take the money you have from your sale of rgn at $1.15 and buy all the shares of rgn you can here at .18 and I believe before the year is out you will have at least 1 shot at selling at $1.00...

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