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  • snogreen snogreen Apr 27, 2011 11:31 AM Flag


    Hey, I'm just a realist. Reality is...mgmt is worth every negative I write. You yourself have posted so - just as much as I have. I've always been hopeful on the possibilities of TB 4. if I was so "negative", then how come I scour the PubMed site for interesting abstracts...then post them here.

    Only possible thing in the near term that would help here, would be a major amount of open market buying by mgmt and BOD. if they know so much more than us about it and what is going on behind the scenes, why aren't they buyig at 18 cents? Gred is good. Or why is Lincoln Park selling it? I think the insider buying window could be open in a few weeks time. If Finklestein wants to show investors that TB 4 could be something...then buy shares at 18 cents. Simple as that. Show us you believe.

    I'm having more fun with the oils anyways. Far more profitable trading.

    BTW, I checked QCOR filings and both Cavazzas sold down their stakes to below 5% each. They no longer will have to report. QCOR recently $19. The are probably flush with close to a couple hundred million profit total. A million shares of RGN would only set them back $180,000...a rounding error from a couple hundred million.

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    • <<Only possible thing in the near term that would help here, would be a major amount of open market buying by mgmt and BOD>>

      Sno, you forget one OTHER possibility. Patents, of course. I know I don't need to explain much beyond simply reminding all that there are a SLEW of patent requests awaiting final, final, final resolution. If the log jam at USPTO finally breaks RGRX's way, we could see an avalanch of approvals in short order. It's at least something to keep in mind.

      Of course, there are also all the weirder, more unpredictable possibilities which might positively affect things. But, no sense holding your breath for any of them.

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      • I don't expect any patent decisons soon. The USPO just takes too damned long. Almost every important patent RGN has filed for was done mopre than a handful of years ago. In almpst every case, the USPO rejected them mostly on technicalities. The USPO calls that a "Non Final Rejection". RGN then has the right to request a review of the patent filing, while then addressing the issues that led op the Non Final Rejection. But the USPO doesn't come back with replies to that for about a YEAR after they reply to a Non final. In some cases RGN is on a THIRD REPLY to a Non Final. In some cases RGN wa sissued a FINAL rejection, but RGN has the right to appeal that decision and do it all over again. RGN has done that. It takes YEARS AND YEARS.

        I've checked all the Non Final replies by RGN and I dont think the USPO will get back anytime soon. Maybe by late Fall.

        RGN did file an important patent regarding the dry eye. Both in EU and US. That was published in January 2011. Since the Dry Eye trail is supposedly the closest one to be finished (mid Fall??)....that would be a key patent to get granted by then. because if trial is good, in humans, and a patent is granted by then...then finally RGN has something they can sell to a big pharma.

        The EB trial is confusing. According to the FDA filing, it looks to be like the Placebo portion of pts is removed, which will speed up the trial greatly. It is a 56 day dose period and RGN was just needing 6 more patients out of 36 designed to complete sign up. I don't think patent is as much an issue n EB, since any new drug gets 13 years, and Orphan Status I think adds a handful of years more on top of that. So RGN is probably covered.and they have said befpre that EB is a small population served by probably a few dozen places. RGN can market and keep all revenues themselves. No need to partner.

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