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  • gkas711 gkas711 Apr 30, 2011 11:02 PM Flag

    Attn: Snogreen

    When you were on the SCLN message board you said that you owned a lot of oil companys stock. I live in western Pa. were they are drilling hundreds of gas wells. They have horizonal wells that have to be fracked to produce the natural gas out of the shale. They use about 3.5 to 4.0 million gal. of water, which causes a lot of nasty proplems. I found a company, Gasfrac, GSFVF.PK, that uses a different method to frack the wells. Grasfrac uses gelled propane to frack the shale. When the job is done they can retreave 95% of the propane and take it to the next well. I value your opinon on this stock. Thanks in advance.

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    • Sno, i understand the logic of derisking on positive trial data; its your math and definition of huge which perplexes me. You would at 2 hoping for 4....6...10.............. Buying here, yes with much more risk, would give some a 10 to 50 fold win. Those are huge gains by any measure. Who gives a crap about waiting to buy at 2, there are a ton of p2 and p3 little bio's with real management that trade at 2 or less that one can buy now.
      The leverage is now, the downside is small. And yes, risk and reward here is huge.

    • Not funny at all bocamp. I'm right. It's far less a risk to buy RGN on a trial win, than to gamble more money now at 20 cents. I have plenty of a position to see if it is all or none, already. Use QCOR as an example. QCOR was a 50 cent stock for a long time. It had risk. You are correct that on a win RGN could easily go from 20 cents to $2.00. A TEN BAGGER. So you get all excited. But there is risk of IF that will happen. SO??? re-visit QCOR. WHERE was the real money made? Was it made on the INITIAL run up from 50 cents to $2.00? Or whas the REAL money made when QCOR HAD something (win) at $2.00 and it went, over a handful of $20.00. The REAL money was made analyzing QCOR AFTER they had a good drug. The risk was buying QCOR at 50 cents. It was LESS a risk buying QCOR at $2 after good drug/trial news. And waiting.

      RGN is a TOTAL gamble still. But if the eye or EB trial works, SURE, RGN might go to $2.Ten bagger. But with good trial news it is less risky....then you can handicap better a possible move from $2 to $20..just like QCOR. That is where the REAL money is made, with less risk.

      I still like the RGn's just I don't want to gamble anymore. i'd rather "invest". RGN becomes a better "investment" on good trial news....even if you have to pay up ten times from 20 cents to $2.00.

      I probably would buy more if I see mgmt, BOD and Cavazzas buy open market stock at 20 cents.

    • I'll give a look. The concept sounds good. I'll see if I can get my brother to look at it. He'll know, because for many years he was with Penzoil in Bradford PA working as a Land Man for them. He's been in the bz for 25 years...but Pennzoil is long gone.

      Bradford was a cool town.

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      • Well, they certainly have a good "story" to tell. Too bad it had a nice run rom $5 or so to closeto $15 and down a bit now. I wish they had U.S. financials. Have to say the revenue growth numbers are impressive. But one thng knaws at me. 60% of their revenue comes from just 3 clients. Why is that??? And they really don't have any clients in the U.S. If what this company has to offer, does what it says....every NG player would be knocking on theor door to try it. In particular Cheseapeake (CHK). The EPA is breathing HARD down all the NG drillers throats. My brother had horror stories about the EPA. BAck in the 90's the Clinton EPA singehandidly shut down most all eastern NG and Oil. they put the same regulatory burden on 3 bbl day well in PA, as a 500 bbl day well in Texas. They became not cost worthy. They plugged THOUSANDS of these wells all over the east. when they pluuged wells, the EPA went after the small refineries. Same deal. regs to them same as a massive refinery. So they were closed down.

        So what I get at is WHY the likes of Chesapeake isn't all over this company, to placate people that this technology is better than current fracs?

        I don't know. but I added this one to the watch list!

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