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  • snogreen snogreen May 3, 2011 7:16 AM Flag

    Attn: Snogreen

    <<One other thing, is rgrx.ob ever going to come back to life>>

    I think you'll have your answer before the year is out. They should have two trials done by end of 2011. The EB one and the dry eye one. If neither of them are good, then I think you can just kiss RGN goodbye and use it for tax losses against gains. If the trials do work out, then hang on. If the trials work RGN won't be a massive hit, just a good one. They still need to find a partner, get more money and do a phase3 trial. I haven't bought any here in a long time. Part of me thinks it's safer to wait. I wouldn'r mind at all paying $2 - IF there was a very clear win in a trial. If you have a clear win in a trial, there is less risk. I might also consider buying at these levels if I saw ALL management, most Board members and Cavazzas buy open market stock at the 20 cent level. If they don't think it's worth spending $2,000 to buy 10,00 shares, why should anyone else????

    As to the Frac company. I'm not sure that PA and NY banned hydro frac yet, just fighting it. You should monitor Halliburton to see what they do in this area (propane frac). You should also monitor the Patent Office carefully. It is not a given that this Canadian outfit will get a patent on it. And search who else may have filed paents similar, and when they did. They already licesensed part of what is needed in liquification from Chevron.

    Still it's a very nice story and it's worth watching.

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    • If the trials work RGN won't be a massive hit, just a good one.

      Really dont get your logic at all sno. At this price. if trials are good, rgn will be a huge hit. This is an all or nothing game. You say you wouldnt mind paying 2 bucks when trail risk is less??! From this level, that is 10 times your money buying here. You are too funny.

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