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  • snogreen snogreen May 22, 2011 10:23 AM Flag

    typical wrong reply

    Another unresearched, wrong reply. By donker, who now has a new handle?

    <<So you think LPC bought at .27 and then puked their shares out at around a .20 average so they could get their warrants? If you looked at their common stock to warrant ratio that would make the warrants a little pricey wouldn't it? They'd have been better off just buying some warrants it seems. These fella's are a hell of a lot smarter than that Sno. I wish I was about half as dumb as they are. As usual you are pointing in the wrong direction.>>

    CHECK the FACTS. Do some work. Lincoln Park bought 1.8 million shares at 0.27. And for that they were given warrants to buy 740,000 RGN warrants. There is where your research stops. You hound me as silly that why would Lincoln sell 1.8 million shares at perhaps a 0.07 cent loss, to get 740,000 free warrants? RIGHT? Do more work!

    Lincoln as PART OF THE DEAL was also given 958,000 FREE shares of RGN, on top of 740,000 FREE warrants. Lincoln was free to sell the FREE 958,000 shares at any price. Cost basis is O. They sell 958,000 maybe 0.20 average. Profit $191,600. Then sell 1.8 million shares average 20 cents (probably a couple cents higher actually). Loss from .27 to maybe .20 = (126,000). Net PROFIT to Lincoln is $65,000. And they then ride risk free 740,000 warrants. They probably made more than that because a lot of their stock traded between 20 and 24 cents.

    WAKE UP! RGN told you in the filing that basically Lincoln will sell all stock they got free, or bought. Read filings more carefully. Lincoln set up RGN so they make money no matter what. They sell almost a million ABSOUTELY free shares, sell the balance 1.8 million at slight loss. They STILL have a trading profit and get 740k free warrants to ride.

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    • BuyFry,

      Just gave credit where credit is due. Sno knows his way around the patent office. Made a nice point.

      Regenerx's log jam might very well be in the patent office.

      The rest of the show could just be slight of hand, posturing, and consolidating.

      Hope all my writing is correct lest the Bear bite the Donk. OUCH.

      The Donker

    • we were back on: Battle Royale....donk vs sno...but donk softened a tad....UBC officially cancels book odds. sigh

    • Sno,

      Your good at pushing peoples buttons and making them react. Really good.

      Your also good at inventing alternate realities.

      But your lacking in your oversimplified but wordy explanations. Your heavy on the intimidations and light on the explanations

      Look at the 3-4 months volume on a daily, weekly, or monthly chart prior to LPC offering and effect. Then look at the volume after the LPC offering and effect to date.

      The time from Sept. to the LPC effect was the highest volume by far and then the volume actually dropped off (relatively speaking) after the LPC offering and then effect.

      You have nothing to substantiate your claim that LPC is puking their shares and that's the problem with this stocks trading.

      You’re just blowing smoke and are getting too lazy to set up the mirrors. LOL

      Maybe stick to the patent office and research stuff and we’ll draw our own conclusions.

      The Donker

      • 2 Replies to donker3
      • You still don't get it donker....Now you try to make up stuff about VOLUME befopre teh recent effective date for Lincoln and volume befpre that effective date??? tp donker.... there was PREVIOUS PIPE deal. Don't you remember? Maxim? And EVERY big buyer of that previous PIPE did..what???? SELL. The last of them were cleaned out at beginning of year . here they three big ones that bought and puked PIPE:

        CNH PARTNERS LLC 3/31/2011 0 (94,372) Sold Out

        AQR CAPITAL MANAGEME... 3/31/2011 0 (268,606) Sold Out

        POLAR SECURITIES INC... 3/31/2011 0 (400,000) Sold Out

        These three were also bih sellers in the 4th Q 2010. SO???? Just after the volume dies down from the PREVIOUS pipe puke down, along comes RGN again for dough. This time to Lincoln Park. Then all starts over again. Facts bear me out. Check the daily volumes on the day the recent deal was declared effective....and what RGN themselvs state. Lincoln Park has sold every share they own. Just like every other buyer of the PIPE's, except Cavzzas.

        As to patents? You say I haven't checked lately? On but I have.and April was not very kind to RGN at USPO.

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    • Here are the facts for those that don't care to read facts:

      On January 5, 2011, we entered into a Securities Purchase Agreement with Lincoln Park Capital Fund, or Lincoln Park, pursuant to which we sold in a registered direct offering 1,851,852 shares of our common stock to Lincoln Park at a price of $0.27 per share.... . As part of this offering... we also issued to Lincoln Park, for no additional consideration, a warrant to purchase 740,741 shares of common stock at an exercise price of $0.38 per share. On January 4, 2011, we also entered into a Purchase Agreement....under which Lincoln Park is irrevocably committed to purchase from us up to $11,000,000 of our common stock, from time to time, over a 30-month period. We have filed a registration statement, of which this prospectus is a part,<<< covering the resale of the shares that may be issued to Lincoln Park>>>>.... Under the Purchase Agreement, we have also agreed to issue to Lincoln Park up to an aggregate of 1,916,666 shares of common stock (FREE FREE FREE FREE) as a "fee" for Lincoln Park’s commitment to purchase our shares. Of these commitment shares, we issued one-half, or<<<<< 958,333 shares>>>>

      SEE? Whatever shares RGN either sells to Lincoln, or whatever shares RGN GIVES FREE to Lincoln...Lincol willsell them ASAP. Make a small profit, and ride the warrants.

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