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  • snogreen snogreen Jun 12, 2011 2:59 PM Flag

    USPO checks

    Checked what's up on over a dozen patent filings by RGRX. I think there should be decisions (or "remarks") on about four or so with 6 months. A couple of them are new filings not reviewed yet. Others are just replies on "non final rejections". There was some activity on replies to USPO......between June 2 nd June 10. The filing reply on June 10 was particularly interesting. It is one that would be very good to have......and the USPO seems always to have some kind of "issue", which RGRX has to file a reply, then the review starts all over again. This particular patent filing was started in 2001......a DECADE ago. It shows you how bad things are at USPO. They are so backloggd it can take 203 years to just GET a reply.

    The reply filed June 10 was 26 pages long. of note is that it was signed by the senior partner of the RGRX's patent firm. It was not signed by the usual PHD lady.

    This head partner (George) basically tried to nicely tear apart the patent reviewer. The reviewer rejected RGN's claim because some other filer had mentioned in an obscure way a relative of a thymosin peptide (not specifically TB 4).......but "george" tears apart the USPO because that other drug is stated to <<PREVENT healing>> and INCREASE inflamation! TB 4 is means to <<<increase healing>> and REDUCE inflamation. So this obscure relative thymosin has NO bearing on TB 4. They have 100% OPPOSIte effects proposed. And this patent idiocy on this one alone.... has been going on for TEN YEARS.....first filed 2001.

    The bureaucratic idiots at the USPO bear a good bit of responsibility of why RGRX is 20 cents. Partners demand patent protections before they pay $$$ to partner any drug. RGRX seems well covered outside the U.S.....but they have some gaping holes in U.S. protection..... I.P. wise.

    Let's hope George R can do the trick. He went on... in a 26 page reply... how crazy it is. Go get em' George.

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