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  • snogreen snogreen Jul 19, 2011 12:05 PM Flag


    I hate "yeah, but's"...but I have to "yeah, but" myself. We don't have a win yet.

    The results of the Pressure and Venous phase 2's sealed RGRX's fate for a number of years. Why would Wall Street believe TB 4 would work in a heart app or eye app....if TB 4 didn't work on a plain skin creme app? But if you look into it, RGRX dosed mostly stage 4 pressure ulcers where NO drug would ever really work.....least of all a spread on creme. COME ON! if you have an open wound past the skin, past the muscle and down to where bone is visible?? How dumb can you be do design a critical treat that? duhhhh.

    So no one knows of RGRX. No one cares. But the eye stuff seen so far in, all tests and trials is damned good. A LOT better than RESTASIS. No one knows or cares.

    I'm not right yet. I am all or none. I've always said that. And I've always said it is a real gamble here. But Dry eye is a billion dollar category.

    so we just have to wait.

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