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  • snogreen snogreen Jul 19, 2011 1:20 PM Flag

    catman....Hre's the other compassionate use trial results. I couldn'r find them before I know it is not that many pts, but the results were fabulous. Far better than RESTASIS getting approved with on;y 15% response rate for dry eye. In this Compassionate USe study, the patients had bad eye ulcers which woudl not heal with anything.

    TB 4 got a 66% cure rate in the NK pts.... and a about 60% response rate for overall both.

    <<In the second compassionate use study, a corneal specialist treated nine patients divided into two groups. The first group consisted of six patients with a single non-healing eye ulcer resulting from neurotrophic keratitis, or NK, a rare degenerative corneal disease commonly caused by the herpes zoster virus and induced by a nerve impairment resulting in painful corneal lesions that can lead to blindness. The NK patients evaluated had defects that had not healed for at least six weeks and in some cases for several years. The second group consisted of three patients with diffuse punctate erosions, corneal defects that appear as numerous small pinhole-sized lesions.

    All nine patients were treated with RGN-259 for periods of up to 49 days. The six NK patients with single non-healing ulcers showed clinically significant improvement during the treatment with RGN-259 and the follow-up period, with four of the six patients healing completely. The completely healed ulcers remained healed during the follow-up period, and those that had demonstrated significant improvement continued to improve after completion of treatment with RGN-259. The three patients with diffuse punctate erosions demonstrated no significant improvement, although they did report reduced ocular irritation.

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