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  • snogreen snogreen Jul 24, 2011 2:38 PM Flag

    Patent Office fraud?

    Something very strange is going on at the U.S. Patent Office. Something smells very rotten there. For at least a dozen years RGRX has been stymied at the USPO for TB 4 disease or specfic therapy, patents. Disease specific patent are good to have. MAkes all ironclad. But I still believe RGRX HAS patent rights to dozens of areas via teh granted 2007 TB 4 patent to the NIH.

    Anyways, I was just checking the weekly action at the USPO. Nothing happened. BUT! Something struch me as very odd. What? Occaisionally there are others that plat around TB 4 patents. I guess to be expected. So I checked on the progress of this one. Open and look at it:!ut/p/c5/04_SB8K8xLLM9MSSzPy8xBz9CP0os3h3cz9XEzcPIwMLvyALA08jF39LE2cjQwMLU6B8JG55dxNKdBuYEtAdDnItftvxyYPMB8kb4ACOBvp-Hvm5qfqR-lHmCFPcff3dgKa4ebh5BxgZG7gb6UfmpKYnJlfqF-SGRhhkBmQEOioqAgBVda8T/dl3/d3/L0lJSklna21DU1EhIS9JRGpBQU15QUJFUkNKRXFnLzRGR2dzbzBWdnphOUlBOW9JQSEhLzdfRzdORTRGSDIwR01PRjBJMkZIRktQMjMwRzIvWGxycFU2MDMwMDIwOC9zYS5nZXRCaWI!/

    Now, it may not open for you, since I am in the U.S.P.O. PAIR site. But I will tell you what stinks!

    On the patent updates on PAIR, they tell you which " GROUP ART UNIT" of the USPO....of examiners.... your application has been given to. Something really stinks here. The above patent, which is CLEARLY headed about Thymosin Beta4..was given to "Group Art Unit 1647"....and a lady named Michelle is the examiner. This is a VERY specific TB 4 named patent filing.

    Now? That pissed me off. It's not right. I went back and confirmed which is the "Group Art Unit" that RGRX is asigned to for their patent examiners. Guess what? I found NINETEEN rgrx patent filings...they all went to the same group Art Unit.. It was not Art Untit 1647 - as the above TB 4 filing went to. I found that NINETEEN ...19.....of RGRX's filings went top a different Art Unit...all 1654. And 90% of all RGRX's filings went to the sAME three people in Art Unit 1654. Guess what! In over 12 years and over 20 patent filings, RGRX has had bad problems. Someone please explain to me WHY the above TB 4 patent filing, not connected to RGRX, is assigned to Art unit 1647..and all RGRX's TB 4 filings to to Art Unit 1654....where for some reason they are uniformly rejected.

    I think RGRX has a legitimate question to take to USPO supervisors. Something isn't right. I think RGRX shoudl demand that any patents docketed of soon filed shoudl be removed from Art Unit 1654, and given like the above TB 4 filig, to unit 1647. Art Unit 1654 has in in for RGRX.

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