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  • snogreen snogreen Nov 28, 2012 4:54 PM Flag

    NITE buyout

    I've always been very suspecious of Knight Trading activities (NITE). for several years the short selling in RGRX was fairly large. FINRA showed it daily. but the SEC only reported around 15,000 short. but it had to be in 2-3 million. The only game I figured that it was a MM like NITE, who was using teh MM short exemption. But teh short exemption for MM's is onl;y for bona fide buy/sell market making . It is NOT for position trading short. IMO? NITE has a POSITION trade short in RGRX that is quite large. So what I would love to see???? NITE is now in play to be bought out for their screw ups. And in buyouts & mergers, prospective buyers look at the books & records. A new buyer would want to start clean and fresh I think. or maybe a new buyer will be more honest not to break teh rules as a MM and position trade a very large RGRX short, that they do NOT report to SEC. Thats what I believe NITE does.

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