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  • donker3 donker3 Jan 28, 2013 6:46 PM Flag

    Sno's abstract subject..........

    Might be a new abstract but not really NEW ---- news.

    We had a discussion on this subject May 31st, 2011.

    Would recommend reading it.

    In RGRX message board enter 'tumor' and you should be able to find discussion.

    The Donker

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    • Hey Mia, you seen my trade blotter? Averaging down hasnt work out yet for rgrx, but you think maybe it might have worked for sngx. ?
      Get a life dipsh+t

      • 2 Replies to bocamp1
      • From past posts it seems unlikely that you would be able to recoup the losses sustained after the sngx reverse split(1 for 20) and subsequent meltdown. Your basis would have been too high and the risk of averaging down astronomical. Good for you if you pulled it off. You must have balls the size of grapefruits. Sorry but I have my doubts Moe. P.S. I am sure your buddy Rosie sold his "thank god for apple" at the highs and made out like a bandit just like you did.

      • yeah Bo, I unfortunately didn't add after the split on sngx...I was too busy trading here and scln...I am in here heavy and real cheap...after mia's post it left me thinking if we were headed for the same reverse split fate...I sure hope not, and then would I add and average down again, gutsy... I know Lee's holds our near term fate in their hands and as soon as they start these trials this thing will turn around...In the meantime a little grant money wouldn't question is did anyone here add on the start of the sngx run if they did it is at $1.63 and climbing this morning...will there also be an opportunity similar on the rgrx climb when it happens or will it be more of a gap up...

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