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  • junggrandpa3555 junggrandpa3555 Feb 6, 2013 5:17 PM Flag

    talked to j.j. today

    i talked to j.j. and i ask him how jan marini was able to advertise a product with a patent # that was patented to goldstein about a year aga. he said he knew nothing about it. he asked if i could send him that ad. i cannot find it. can anyone help and send to j.j.

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    • what a dope. (JJ, not you) all you have to do is a google search! just type in "Jan Marini Thymosin" and you will see the products they sell & advertise w/ TB4. Then all JJ has to do is get a lawyer to take the case on contingency basis and sue Marini for violating RGRX patent. Shake em' down for some cash! RGRX is basiacally bankrupt soon otherwise..

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      • Sno,

        Jan Marini has US Patent # 6,821,524 for thymosin beta 4 skin care...................November 23, 2004

        A little late for an easy 'shake down' when they're holding US patent since 2004.

        As to your:

        "RGRX is basiacally bankrupt soon otherwise.."

        Regenerx and any other Bio without a 'steady income stream' is basically on the verge of bankruptcy from the onset. So what's new????????

        If RGRX goes BK========Key NIH patents go back to PHS/US Government (says so in the agreement that Regenerx wanted to be confidential)=======Regenerx's and now Lee's Patent portfolio of TB4 all built on that========S/T and Lee's looses control of Patents which they have put a lot of money in.

        Maybe they just want less 'stockholders of record' and are doing 'some posturing'.

        The Donker

    • Just Google search.... TB4 skin care ... You will find it there and even an ad for Cindy Crawford skin care line , go to her products and then the restore product... There you will see they advertise they use peptide... That is why it comes up in tb4 search... Same peptide they are all using, except Jan martini and a few others come right out and mention tb4 in products... Let us know how you make out...follow up your discussion with a e-mail with thank you and waiting to hear back on RGRX,s finding on this matter...I really feel like Goldstein sold us out back then...

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      • 'Bas, can you elaborate on "sell-out" ?
        could it be that over all these years, and all the $$ in salaries and perks, (not to mention options), that mgnt was somehow playing both sides of the street?

        If RGRX does not have a sound patent infringement case, then BOD needs to give shareholders a clear explanation (and perhaps review any "entanglements mgt might have had with the corp's patent atty firm)

    • Grandpa,

      Jan Marini has US Patent # 6,821,524 for thymosin beta 4 skin care...................November 23, 2004

      Euro patents too.

      In patent they reference Goldsteins patent.

      Google it and you can read it.

      The Donker

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