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  • snogreen snogreen Apr 1, 2013 11:45 AM Flag

    There's the Band-Aid

    There's teh band aid money. But less this time, only 225k. i'd like to know what they are waiting for, to make them want to keep doing band aids. No 10-K filing yet. they are late.

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    • Follow the money...$225,000 for a option on 3.75 million shares seems like a great deal to me.

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      • Then if such a good deal, why didn't Sigma Tau (an almost $1 billion revenue company) participate? Or Finkelstein? or Crockford? or Lee's Pharma? None of them thought it worth risking? And THEY are insiders.

        we now know what the CT filing SEC was about. RGRX got two 'unaffiliated" investors to buy in part of $225k. So RGRX must have had to disclose the insider stuff they know to them, and it had to be confidential in filing.

        Overall slightly negative, both in that they couldn't match last $300k and Sigma Tau declined to put any money in. even at 6 cents an option.

    • sno, nice call about the monies. It's difficult to give a reason why they're continuing to fund with band aid amounts of cash, but one has to believe that their is value somewhere, and that several of the investors have spent a lifetime developing the Thymosin technology.

      Let's see if the 10K spells out what's on their minds.

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      • Yeah, no 10-K yet. they are late.

        Whatever RGRX is waiting on, news/deal/partnet wise, it has to be kind of close to a final yes or no. Because the last band aid was $300,000. But this band aid was only $225,000. It won't last long. the band aid is smaller now. Also of particular note????WHO did NOT buy any into the band aid fund??? Sigma Tau. $50,000 of $100,000 is nothing to them. I am sure they were offered to participate, but it appears they didn't want to. This also clues me that this is about the last band aid. Much smaller, and ST did not want to play anymore. So whatever it is RGRX waits on, it must be very ,very soon. The $225,000 will last about 90-120 day maximum.

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