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  • fl_geezer fl_geezer Jul 23, 2013 2:54 PM Flag

    ASK size

    Has it ever been this large?
    Bid (Size) Ask (Size)
    0.070 x21,000 0.080 x152,200

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    • I think sometimes you E*Trade is off. But even if it is 152,000 on ask..most if it I bet is NITE, just making sure that RGRX goes noehere.... anytime soon. They'd probably rather have some sales to their cover their LARGE short position

      It would be delicious to see someone take out the offer - in one fell swoop and then see later how much of it was an opening short position. Without some kind of great & unexpected news from RGRX, it ain't going above 0.08...but what are the chances of Finkelstein pulling off something....... "Great & Unexpected"...pretty slim.....

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      • NITE was only showing 12,000 on ask at .08...etrd was showing over 60,000...atdf was showing 50,000 and CANT was showing over 30,000...that is 4 market makers with shares loaded at .08... there was 2 buyers with total 22,000 on buy at .07... someone sold to them(most likely short) and then the ask side started dropping into the high .07's... sno probably has me on ignore so if somebody would copy and paste this here for him... whatever is going on market makers are really shaking us down here...If no news I expect to see .06 trades this week...

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