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  • fl_geezer fl_geezer Mar 10, 2014 2:51 PM Flag

    Penny Trading Stock

    Given what we have learned now (that the Korean "partner buy-in" was simply a disguised PIPE deal - - Thanks, Joe and the Essex team???)- - - we can expect RGRX to trade between 10 cents and 20 cents until sometime in 2015.

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    • I didn't think a VC company could do a pipe deal at the 20 million share level, if they tried the normal tactics (which is to immediately sell all of their shares short before the price collapses), by the time they dumped 3 or 4 million shares, they'd never get their price for the remaining 16 million shares. The VC company has to hold these shares, otherwise, they lose.

    • geez….I disagree…you are forgetting the major item that no one knows about, only if you read this board……RGRX is saying nothing about it….the ENGLAND situation. I'd agree with you otherwise…that RGRX is deadweight until they complete another trial shot…..but if England ever does grant a marketing approval for TB 4 in dry eye.…forget RGRX being 10 to 20 cents locked…..RGRX woudl be over $1.00 immediately..maybe even a lot higher. Just depends on what NICE and NHS say…and if they approve it, what was the price Finkelstein offered of TB 4 dry eye….he'd have to cut them a pretty good deal. But the PR of a TB 4 approval would open a lot of peoples eyes. I think we have some more info from England in next 60-90 days. The NICE has sent their info to the NHS.…if the NHS says 'Okay"…..then NICE goes for their final vote…. but NICE wouldn't apply to the NHS for their approval,… unless NICE was willing to approve it themselves.

      I'm hoping RGRX stays soft or down…because only this board knows about england.

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