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  • pickemaneatum pickemaneatum Dec 7, 2013 10:27 PM Flag

    Insider Sales

    I'm considering taking a long position here. Then I checked insider sales (as I always do before investing) and I da*m nearly fell out of my chair. Thoughts?

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    • So where do you think the shares sold in the secondary recently came from??? Did you even read the SEC fiing? Of course you did, and you know this, and you are just a #*$&% short seller spouting misinformation to the uninformed buyers who don't do their homework.

      Folks, I'm a FIVE bull cuz I think it will grow like a weed, but you need to know what you are buying. The secondary was set up to let some insiders cash out. I don't believe that any of the shares sold in that offering came from the treasury (i.e., the company got 0 out of that, it was all the long-time insiders getting some profits out of their time invested in the company. May have been some PE investors selling too.) If you don't want insiders to make money selling off their stock, you shouldn't buy publicly held stock, cuz that's the name of the game. Why else would anyone take a company public???You do it to cash out, at least partially. Otherwise, most companies do better staying private if they don't need stockholder cash to grow. If you're not public, you don't have to deal with all the BS and expense of a public company. Look at 99Centsonly--they got bought out by private equity. (Of course, the Mitt Romneys of the world have to make their money taking private equity holdings public. Sorry to say, it's the greater fool theory. We aren't billionaires, so we pick among the detritus shed by the PE firms. If we had been in the PE firm that funded FIVE before it went public, we'd be rolling in the dough now!!!)

      But get real, this guy is just BSing to scare you and pick up your stock cheap.

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      • If I may, what do you tell yourself in justifying the 94-95 PE ratio? Is this an Amazon or is it a dollar store of sorts?

      • You are totally wrong insofar as you imply that I have some sort of agenda. I literally have never shorted a stock in my life. I'm not a trader. I do my DD, then buy and hold - usually for years or decades. I may not be the sharpest pencil on the desk, but I would appreciate if you don't pretend to know my motivations. I just noticed a lot of insider sales, and was wondering if anybody might shed some light on this. btw, If you think one moron like me can "scare" people into selling their shares, I think you need to have your head examined.

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