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  • Question to you:
    Please kindly post history of Seaside 88 holding its stake purchase from a 13% discount price from other small companies.

    I personally think differently. I think Seaside may want to sell the shares back to the market after they buy the shares so that they make a quick profit of 13% , and use the money to buy shares from another company and make another 13% profit as good as immediately. They continue to do like this, they will be rich in a short time and almost no risk because they quick sell the shares for profit, and there is no limitation on how long or how short a time they can sell the shares in the agreement. The only restriction is that seaside 88 is not allowed to do short sell. But of course they can sell shares which they own after they purchase from a small company.
    Please post details to show Seaside 88 historically hold the shares they buy from such small companies. I am thankful for your posting.
    Anyway, i like this CKGT, and think this is a good deal for CKGT, although this agreement may keep the CKGT price low for a period of time because it will add to the number of shares to the stock and will have diluting effect on earnings near term and seaside 88 may sell shares immediately to drive price down unless there is extremely good news.