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  • xushcim xushcim Jan 22, 2009 9:13 AM Flag

    Look out Luvers, a similar story is waiting for you....

    While everything you say may be true, the fact remains that the US needs to diminish its reliance on FOREIGN oil in the interest of National Security. It will also create permanent AMERICAN jobs. When the global economy recovers and oil demand spikes, prices will go up in quick fashion and the US will be stuck again with increasing fuel prices, weakening the consumer and corporate earnings. The idea that the US will solve its energy needs with solar and wind is a joke and if allowed to move forward, will prove to be one of the biggest mistakes America ever made, and weaken our economy and national security. This is so very simple, yet the Socialists in power want to run your life the way they see things, not what is good for America.

    If Congress can spend so much time and money investigating steroid use by millionaire baseball players, why can't they have public hearings about global warming, solar and wind power so that the American people can make an informed decision about their support of policies, rather than have them shoved down our throats by The Chosen One?

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