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  • cavu2020 cavu2020 Dec 21, 2012 1:43 PM Flag

    House Cleaning

    DAL will make over a Billion $$$$ this year and LUV may make a paltry 250 mil on $16 Billion in sales. DAL bought an oil refinery,got Virgin, and the stock is poised to make $16. LUV bought AII. LUV got a $29 million lawsuit for drink coupon expiration problems and the competition beat them to Hawaii. LUV says they are going international. The reservation system can't handle it. I called to make a reservation. LUV is building a new Taj Mahal general offices and are planning to hire over a thousand new office employees. WOW that is just what an airline needs. More people to stand around and collect Obama insurance. Braniff did the same exact thing. Just before they filed. LUV is giving away a Billion $$ in bag fees and being the green, diversity airline. The Board of Directors may be doing some house cleaning in January is the rumor I heard from my source there. It doesn't look good for the head shed. Or for the fifty or so new Vice Presidents. Mr. Kelleher where are you? What is happening to your airline?

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    • I've been saying the same thing for a couple years now. Gary Kelly keeps holding on to this " Lil Airline That Could " routine. This clown is in over his head. To not charge bag fees boarders on dereliction of fiduciary responsibility. Even at $5 per bag, a fraction of what other lines are charging, Southwest would nearly double earnings...reread what I just said....DOUBLE EARNINGS....AND THAT IS JUST $5 BUCKS PER BAG. Another discount airline I own, RYAAY, charges for everything and is poised to dominate the European airline market as KLM, BA, and Air France are all struggling and loosing market share to the discounters.
      Nicey-nice talking and happy-duck coddling of employees is great P.R. but it has turned LUV stock into an also-ran financial holding. I am a long term LUV shareholder and believe it has some real potential with the recent consolidation in the USA airline industry but only if Kelly is replaced. An aggressive ceo could turn this company into monster stock. The house cleaning you speak of needs to start at the top.

    • fattymcbutterpants2001 fattymcbutterpants2001 Dec 24, 2012 11:20 AM Flag

      Yes, Southwest Airlines....what Microsoft is to the Tech world, Southwest is to the airline industry. A day late and several hundred million short....

    • sounds like you would be a great ceo of an airline. why not start one on your own and use your great insight. you could be one of the world's richest individuals by charging for bags, restroom usage, landing safety fee, safe takeoff fee and overhead light usage. you could outlaw unions on your airline and save millions(billions) by paying minimum wage. luv will not be around very long once you get started. an envious watcher that is bored this weekend

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